Manufacturing Facility Oboi Advantage:-

:: Professional Management:

The Oboi team is led by an able and experienced management team, complemented by well-qualified sales personnel who are dedicated in achieving the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.

:: Market Wide product range:
We market a range of over 30 pharmaceutical formulation products – tablets, capsules, liquid orals, injectables, solutions, suspensions, gels, creams and lotions – span a variety of major therapeutic areas.

:: Complete Marketing Facilities:
Oboi is staffed by experienced personnel who are engaged in marketing new pharmaceutical formulations, as well as important generic alternatives.

:: High-tech communication network:
A modern and efficient communication system ensures that Oboi team members are well connected at all times, wherever they may be located.

:: Innovative marketing:
In place of a standard marketing formula, Oboi has built up and is expanding a team of special marketing associates. These associates operate as business-builders for the company and in return gain rich opportunities to grow along with the company.

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