Quality at OBOI Quality Control Quality Policy

The industry leader position Oboi enjoys today has mainly been accomplished through its delivery of unsurpassed levels of quality maintained for its range of products.

Oboi's quality focus encompasses in all areas of its manufacturing operations – from procurement of all the best raw materials, to best possible manufacturing technology, functional operations – from on time delivery of the customer’s requirements, to promotional help pushing its product to become the market brand – thus ensuring a rapid penetration in the domestic markets nation wide.

Vendor assessment and assortment is carried out as per stringent quality, product, manufacturing, service and delivery parameters to ensure the highest quality raw materials.

The Quality Assurance Department, managed by qualified personnel, constantly examines quality considerations – performing systematic sampling and testing at every stage from raw materials, through each procedure of intermediate and finished products.

A regular validation of processes, test methods, water and environment, as well as periodic calibration of all instruments, to guarantee product output of consistent top quality.

A full fledged Quality Control Laboratory here at Oboi's manufacturing facility follows Good Laboratory Practices (GMP) and integrates the most up to date testing equipment, in order to perform the stringent quality analytical tests prescribed by different Pharmacopoeia.

A separate Microbiology Laboratory is offering with Class 10000 Cleanliness and a SS horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit. The full spectrum of microbiological and sterility validation tests are conducted for on-going constant microbiological monitoring of all processes and products, as well as personnel and production areas, to ensure total product purity.

Apart from following ISO 9001-2000 and maintaining an effective Quality Management System, Oboi conducts periodic self-assessments through a voluntary self audit of its operations, in order to remain competitive in the pharma industry.

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