A Bright Future Beckons:

“Oboi strives to alleviate disease and bring comfort to suffering mankind through providing efficient and high quality pharmaceutical formulations, offered at economical prices. We focus on building a world-class company within the national reach though our commitment to customer satisfaction, comprehensive product range, unflagging attention to quality and by building mutually beneficial business relationships.”

With a wide portfolio of superior quality pharmaceutical formulations and a number of promising product developments in the pipeline, the future of the company is bright. Our direction is clear too – to take these products to every corner of our country by building up a matchless team of Oboite.

As part of the Ciron Group, Oboi will be a partner in its ambition plans of becoming a total health care company. For, apart from manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical formulations and high quality generics, the Group is on a direct path to building a fully integrated pharmaceutical company. It has plans to establish a chain of health care facilities, to extend its health care solutions expertise to as vast a number of patients as possible.

You can grow in tandem with Oboi's growth. Just dare to be different… dare to be independent … dare to grow without bounds!

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